Leadership expertise and guidance for teams and organisations

Leadership and Management Consultancy

Design for resilience and growth

Your organisation will face unique and ever-changing challenges as you grow. As an experienced senior leader in startup and scale-up business across different sectors I am able to support you in designing, implementing and maintaining the organisational design that will build a sustainable and rewarding environment for your team.

Supporting you to take a holistic, systemic view of your organisation, we will work together to identify the most impactful changes that will

  • maximise team productivity and resilience
  • clarify team strengths and areas of development
  • build long term commitment through sustainable performance and reward frameworks
  • focus your business goals in the context of your longer term strategies

Culture, talent and strategy

Bring objectivity and transparency to performance management and feedback.

Identify and harness potential - create opportunities for sustainable growth that drive personal and professional development and increase commitment.

Work with change - plan for scalable growth and succession.

Define and communicate your vision of excellence.

Organisational Performance

Understand, design and implement critical processes and policies that create structure, clarity and efficiency.

Establish and communicate a strategic approach that empowers teams to collaborate to achieve clear, impactful goals.

Plan for growth and change - understand and implement the best organisational model, define and communicate your methodology and equip your teams for resilience, innovation and creativity.

Developing Leaders

Coaching and leadership training for managers and leaders at all levels.

Identify and build the that exemplify what excellent leadership looks like in your organisation.

Work through a tailored curriculum that equips new and experienced managers to become empowered and effective leaders.

Build resilient, energized teams.

Some case studies

A perfect orchid

What does it mean to be ‘excellent’?

The commercial success of an innovative health technology company enabled it to move from start-up to scale-up, expanding from a B2C to B2B model and entering into a period of rapid growth and team scaling.

A competency framework was developed to bring clarity and fairness to performance management processes and that would empower colleagues at all levels to understand and take control of their own performance development…

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Painted hands

Creating a culture of innovation

Encouraging and valuing creativity in our teams will always lead to more engaged, happier and more productive individuals. Given the right structure it can yield answers to challenges that would not have been found through everyday approaches, discover new ways of working, and demonstrate skills and potential in colleagues that even they may not have been aware of.

I have designed and facilitated ‘innovation experiences’ that have developed new solutions to long standing problems, exposed hidden opportunities for changes in product direction and strategy, accelerated the development of ideas that got them off the drawing board and into the hands of stakeholders and that pollinated strong, productive relationships across teams and functions.

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